The research and development project titled “Towards Trusted Web Services for Mobile Application” proposed by Security Engineering Research Group (SERG) at IMSciences, has been formally approved by the Research Committee of Institute Of Management Sciences Peshawar in December, 2007. Having received the formal approval of the project, with an approved budget of PKR 1.807 million, SERG now aims to start the formal proceedings of the project as soon as possible. The duration of the project is 24 months.

Research objectives of the project are: “To develop the best possible techniques of remote attestation, which is verifying the integrity of a remote system. Our study aims is to develop a scalable and novel solution, which will lead to the realization of remote attestation on mobile devices”.

The primary academic objective of the project is to create an environment where students can work on modern and applied research in state-of-the-art security technologies, such as Trusted Computing, remote attestation and security for mobile devices.

Project Profile

Project Name:
“Towards Trusted Web Services for Mobile Application”

Project Director
Dr. Masoom Alam (IMSciences, Pakistan)

Team Members

Tamleek Ali

Mohammad Nauman

Shahbaz Khan

Project Duration
24 months

Funded by
Institute of Management Sciences Peshawar Pakistan

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