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DIA can also used for openerp module development. Normally an ERP solution provider implements the solution in a client company. After a successfully implementation, if host company domain expert wants to implement their clients policy in implemented SRP system that was not able to implement during proper ERP system implementation. As business domain expert don’t know much about the technical ERP development. So there is big lack of understanding exists in between business expert domain and technical expert personals.  If business domain expert want to implement any business policy later after ERP implementation then they need to contact ERP service provider. This again target changing in implemented ERP required in proper proposals and discussion.

Here we proposed three level of interaction in running openerp for business domain experts. We provide a Human understand able policy generator tool. Using this policy generator we can write policies that will be enforce in already implemented openerp solution. While writing policy in policy generating tool, the syntax and semantics will be check from an xml base module schema document.

To implement this idea we made some changes in DIA plugin for openerp. what changes we made and how its work, it will be explain using below diagram .

We develop a language type library, this library provide ‘user understandable language ‘  to a non technical (manager level personal) to write policy. using these instruction our ‘policy generator tool’ produce a policy file.

Below two diagrams shows how policy generator tool works and how language take instruction from manager in user understand able language.

These polices created from policy generation  tool enforce in openerp framework. When ever each object of openerp access by any user, then our extension (in openerp) must first ensure policy enforcement.

Now a days we are developing  graphical interface to out policy generation tool for easiness.

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Higher Education Commission, Pakistan

Project Director:

Dr Masoom Alam

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