This page lists the deliverable produced under the project Constrained Intents: Extending Android Security for Intent Policies (EASIP) funded by ICT R&D Fund, Pakistan. These resources will be updated on a regular basis and reflect the progress of the project as well as any useful outcomes achieved.


No. Elapsed time from start (in months) of the project Milestone Deliverables
1 3 Completion of Hardware acquisition and Android Virtual Machine and library analysis. Analysis report on VM and class path capabilities.
2 6 Completion of analysis of Android Application framework and Security Architecture. Analysis report describing Android Application framework and existing Security Architecture
3 9 Completion of Implementation of a rudimentary “Selective Permission Mechanism for Android”. A package containing the complete source of the “Selective Permission Mechanism for Android”
4 9 Completion of analysis of current policy enforcement mechanisms for open source mobile platforms and current potential target Android applications. Analysis report describing the strengths and weaknesses of each mechanism
5 12 Design of a new/customized Policy Language. White paper on real world use cases for target Android applications and the design of the new policy language.
6 15 Completion of the design of a Policy Enforcement Framework. White Paper on Policy Enforcement Framework.
7 20 Implementation of the Policy Enforcement Framework. A package containing the complete source of the policy execution environment Implementation. *
8 24 Incorporation of Policy Enforcement Framework in Existing Android Architecture and testing. Complete package under open source to be submitted to Android central code repository. **Test repot covering performance bottleneck analysis and security analysis.
9 24 Completion of Design and Implementation of Policy writing tool. A package containing the new policy writing tool including usage documentation. *


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