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Security Engineering is a research group based in Peshawar, Pakistan specializing in security and service oriented architectures related areas. Our areas of focus are Remote attestation via Trusted Computing standards on ubiquitous and mobile platforms. Our research proposes behavioral paradigm for remote attestation. The purpose of this blog i...Read More

Call for papers for IEEE Conference on Privacy, Security and Trust. High-quality papers not under review or previously accepted or published elsewhere are solicited. There will be Best Paper and Best Student Paper awards. Submissions are encouraged as long papers (8-12 pages), short papers (4-5 pages)...

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Getting started with GPS
January 14th, 2009 By shazkhan

Location can be an important consideration in applications these days. We are interested in location based access control. We are using Openmoko FreeRunner as our GPS enabled mobile device and smartphone. Following is the getting started tutorial for GPS on OM: GPS Getting Started

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Trust 2009 Paper
January 8th, 2009 By recluze

The contribution by SERG has been accepted for the technical strand of the International Conference on Technical and Socio-economic Aspects of Trusted Computing (Trust 2009). So, SERG will probably be represented by one of its members at the conference. More on this later after the registration process...

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Android netbooks
January 3rd, 2009 By shazkhan

The following article is a good introduction into the scope of Android and what technology Google is to enable for the near future. http://venturebeat.com/2009/01/01/android-netbooks-on-their-way-likely-by-2010/ It seems that Android has yet to get mature and it wont be until next year that it will be...

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System Engineering Concepts on Wiki
December 4th, 2008 By shazkhan

The SERG Wiki has been updated with two articles related to the core concepts of software stacks and how window management is used on these stacks. Its a must read to clearly understand how different kinds of software are interconnected and related in a general purpose OS. This is a work in progress...

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Ubuntu and Intel on Mobiles
November 27th, 2008 By recluze

This is somewhat old news but Ubuntu is now aiming at mobile platforms with ARM processors. The article mentions that a port of Ubuntu for Intel’s Atom processor is already available. It remains to be seen whether providing a PC distribution on the contemporary smart phone will be enough. I don’t...

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BA4WS Paper Available Online
November 17th, 2008 By recluze

Behavioral Attestation for Web Services (BA4WS) presented in Secure Web Services (SWS’08) at the Conference on Computers and Communications Security (CCS’08) is available online. See details here: http://doi.acm.org/10.1145/1456492.1456496.

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Virtualization on Mobiles
November 10th, 2008 By recluze

“VMware on Monday extended its virtualization platform to the mobile phone platform with the unveiling of its VMware Mobile Virtualization Platform based on a previously unannounced acquisition it closed last month.The new platform lets mobile phone users work with multiple virtual phones at the...

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