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Security Engineering is a research group based in Peshawar, Pakistan specializing in security and service oriented architectures related areas. Our areas of focus are Remote attestation via Trusted Computing standards on ubiquitous and mobile platforms. Our research proposes behavioral paradigm for remote attestation. The purpose of this blog i...Read More

A CounterSpy Needed….Urgently!
June 23rd, 2007 By clickforamin

AoA all guys I think my mails are not that much deviating since that was my second mail after 2 months-60 days and 11hrs 33 mins. approx. so wee need to have counterstrike against some 1 who think off mails at this blog as weight…(booaj). I ask all members for a standard “RFC” for this...

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Loadable Policy Module
June 22nd, 2007 By shazkhan

I have been throught  the architecture of loadable policy module. Its really nice. Now I am understanding to handle it and write policies accordingly. I am going through 2005 nsa technical document containing configuration of selinux policies. I hope it helps. Currently I need to know where the text...

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Call for Papers (CFP)
June 19th, 2007 By recluze

A.A. everyone. Here’s a conference for all to consider, especially for Amin and Shaz: http://www.icet2007.net/important_dates.php Please note: Commencement of Conference Nov 12-13, 2007 Call for Paper Begins June 05, 2007 Deadline...

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AOA Last night i posted a post on blog….with the Subject as “Yet Another Post”…that post got very critical and important information about our group….but suddenly that post is lost…. i think some 1 has hacked our blog… and doin nasty and fishy things with it…...

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About Future Plans!
June 18th, 2007 By clickforamin

AOA all guys Thanks masoom sb for commenting on my message…honestly my health is normal and my plaster is going to be removed in couple of weeks-in 14 days till 30th june, INSHALLAH. but still it will take altleast a month to get back to normal routine and walking around…..:( but still ALLAH...

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The Page Can Be Visited!
June 17th, 2007 By clickforamin

AOA all guys Shaz the jazz guy… The link can be easily copied …. no worries. Ok guys wats up howz is Masoom sb and Tamleek sb! i couldnt talk to them for more than a month or so… wat ever… my salam to both of them…and wish them a good health. tc bye. amin.

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Alright. After much waiting and detours, I’ve finally decided to start doing some original work in Isabelle/HOL itself. *drum rolls* After the last meeting with Mr. MM, I’ve decided to start working on the specification I’ve already done in Z of his framework. The specification is pretty...

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SVN Error on PMS Checkout
June 17th, 2007 By recluze

Shaz: I haven’t been able to download the PMS through svn. I get this error: svn: PROPFIND request failed on ‘/home/repos/policy-server/branches/selinux-pms-support’ svn: PROPFIND of ‘/home/repos/policy-server/branches/selinux-pms-support’: 405 Method Not Allowed (http://oss.tresys.com)

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