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TPM Manager for Linux released!
July 6th, 2007 By clickforamin

Ruhr-University Bochum and Sirrix AG have developed an open source application providing an easy to use graphical user interface to manage and configure a Trusted Platform Module (TPM). The TPM Manager can be used on PC systems equipped with a TPM that is supported by the Linux kernel. Users of such...

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June 29th, 2007 By clickforamin

here are links… plz each link very closely…some detail are very hiiden…needs...

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Loadable Policy Module
June 22nd, 2007 By shazkhan

I have been throught  the architecture of loadable policy module. Its really nice. Now I am understanding to handle it and write policies accordingly. I am going through 2005 nsa technical document containing configuration of selinux policies. I hope it helps. Currently I need to know where the text...

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Slim, EVM and TPM (3.2.0)
June 2nd, 2007 By shazkhan

Follow this link  for a simple idea. Further it has a link to ibm research page. This link metions an old study but this page will be updated. Let me know what you ppl think of it. It is a more updated approach than IMA. And it is a loadable userspace module! Mr. MMA will like it. Sir Mr. MMA I am waiting...

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Core 7
May 31st, 2007 By shazkhan

Congradulations! Fedora Core 7  has been released. Mr. TAT plz put it on download tomorow. I have some other things to download too. Maybe I’ll show up tomorow.

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The Practical Part Starts Now
May 27th, 2007 By shazkhan

As soon as I am over with Recluze, I am going to start working with IPSec and SELinux now that my literature survey is complete (I think so). Next I plan to get some help from MR. MMA to let me in on his findings regarding how to stack IMA on SELinux. I personally think using TPM’s PCR will be...

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Progress Part 2
May 15th, 2007 By shazkhan

I have configured opengrok and its too easy and too good. Have’nt yet generated the webpages but that won’t be a problem as I only have to install a serverlet server. I have decided to use jetty because of its simplicity. It works under apache. Opengrok is very fast and very useful. Useful...

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This is an excellent tool. Even better than LXR! All of us can use it not only the linux geeks. Have a look at it. We can have a central configuration for future needs. The following links are for super nerds who are impressed with this tool. Recluze you...

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Following site is very spefic about tutorials and howtos. It collects mostly from good online articles. Give it a try. You will be amazed.

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LXR – Problem
May 4th, 2007 By shazkhan

Salams, The LXR instalation is completed. I studied 3 configuraions from different web sources. Everything went smoothly. The only problem is that apache is dumping silly faces with sourcecode. I dont know what to do there is no mailing list! If sir, Mr. MMA you can get someone who has already gone through...

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