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DBAMP Readme
June 24th, 2011 By Waqar Afridi

The DBAMP Project Hosted on sourceforge ( contains all the deliverables (also linked from the Milestone chart), Follow the Following steps to Run each of them on your Mobile (Neo FreeRunner). 1. Milestone 6 contains openmoko rootfs along with all the required...

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This is a very confusing thing to understand and search for in the first place but once you get to understand how the OE workflow works then one can make such adjustments. Here I will give you a quick start on how to do it. I assume that you will be dealing with shr-unstable build in OE. My working...

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I am assuming we are working with SHR as our prefered distro. cd /home/moko/shr-unstable Chose your preferred editor …. in my case it was vim. vi conf/auto.conf change the MACHINE = “om-gta02″ to “qemuarm” or any of your choice from /home/shaz/moko/shr-unstable/openembedded/conf/machine....

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HTC (the guys who built the first Android phone for T-Mobile) have released a new Android-based smartphone called Hero. It’s an amazing piece of technology and looks really cute. We’ll be trying to get our hands on this one but only if it’s not SIM-locked. Not likely, since HTC is a...

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SELinux on FreeRunner
April 27th, 2009 By shazkhan

We have successfully built NSA SELinux for OpenMoko FreeRunner with support for policy 19-23 using kernel-2.6.24. Most of it was cross compilation and understanding of the kernel and userspace infrastructure of SELinux. The policy is now being developed further to suite our solutions in permissive mode....

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Recommended Stuff
August 30th, 2008 By shazkhan -> You can use my account username=shazkhan, password=”MMA’s international password” I’ve emailed the Xen article but there are others of interest as well.

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Linux Weekly News
October 1st, 2007 By shazkhan

Hi everyone. Anything regarding linux, which one needs to understand from simple to intermediate level can be found here  Although it can not help in research much it can atleast give you clues and further links for investigation.

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Needs of network for MAC
August 25th, 2007 By shazkhan

After the comparison of trendy MAC enhancements, I have been figuring out the general needs of a network for MAC. We have three places where MAC can and is enforced: In Application: Where flow control of application is controled by labeling the data of the application. Current research is limited to...

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Some new selinux ideas
July 24th, 2007 By shazkhan

I have come across some talks about enabling selinux to achieve resource utilization using rbac. This sounds as a good research area. Do we have anyone to handle this.

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IMA as a standalone service
July 22nd, 2007 By shazkhan

The following paras are from the linux mailing list which is a mail sent by ibm ima team. They are working out this userspace ima thingy. I am still not satisfied. Mr. TAT can you plz verify it? I can email u the patches and the related mails as well.  This is a request for comments for a subset...

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