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HTC (the guys who built the first Android phone for T-Mobile) have released a new Android-based smartphone called Hero. It’s an amazing piece of technology and looks really cute. We’ll be trying to get our hands on this one but only if it’s not SIM-locked. Not likely, since HTC is a...

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[These are comments to the paper titled, "From Trusted to Secure: Building and Executing Applications That Enforce System Security" available at USENIX ATC'07.] The paper deals with the issue of differences between security enforcement on the operating system level and within applications. It describes...

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Mental Slavery
December 18th, 2007 By shazkhan

The following link presents some philosophical jewels (novel approach) about study of mind and reality by professor shaz. I hope you like it.

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Google Summer of Code
October 7th, 2007 By shazkhan

What is Google Summer of Code? Google Summer of CodeTM is a program that offers student developers stipends to write code for various open source projects. Google will be working with a several open source, free software and technology-related groups to identify and fund several projects over a three...

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Group Name/Domain
September 19th, 2007 By recluze

MMA has raised a good point which I would like to float here for discussion. We’re currently calling ourselves “Security Engineering Group”. What if we move onto projects which are not directly related to Security. That would mean that our name is strictly restricted to security domain...

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Some new selinux ideas
July 24th, 2007 By shazkhan

I have come across some talks about enabling selinux to achieve resource utilization using rbac. This sounds as a good research area. Do we have anyone to handle this.

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A.A. everyone. Mr. MM: I was talking to Shahbaz yesterday and we talked about what research area I’m planning to pursue. I told him that I’ve been working with different sorts of things (web search etc) because I needed some publications. Now that I have some publications, I need to pick...

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The Practical Part Starts Now
May 27th, 2007 By shazkhan

As soon as I am over with Recluze, I am going to start working with IPSec and SELinux now that my literature survey is complete (I think so). Next I plan to get some help from MR.┬áMMA to let me in on his findings regarding how to stack IMA on SELinux. I personally think using TPM’s PCR will be...

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My Blogg is working!
April 27th, 2007 By shazkhan

Its fresh and decent. Check it out? Can anyone tell me how I can submit same posts to both the blogs mine and this one with one go? Hmm.

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Verification introduction
April 9th, 2007 By recluze

A.A. For the meeting of wednesday, here’s the agenda: An introduction to Isabelle An introduction to HOL An introduction to Formal Verification Process This is mostly for the benefit of Mr. T and for my own review. I have the CSMR slides in binded form so those should be a big help.

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