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June 24th, 2011 By Waqar Afridi

The DBAMP Project Hosted on sourceforge (http://sourceforge.net/projects/sergdbamp/) contains all the deliverables (also linked from the Milestone chart), Follow the Following steps to Run each of them on your Mobile (Neo FreeRunner).

1. Milestone 6 contains openmoko rootfs along with all the required libraries, Flash it to your device or Copy it to the memory card.

2. Milestone 5 contains the kernel (uImage.bin), Flash it to your device or Copy it to the First (FAT partition) partition of your memory card.

3. Milestone 3 contains the Userspace libraries and binaries for selinux, copy the contents of lib to /usr/lib folder of device and contents of bin to /usr/bin of device.

4. Milestone 8 contains MTM emulator and required utilities, use the Following method to install MTM emulator on openmoko.

a. Extract tpm-binaries.tar.bz2

i. Copy *.h files to /usr/include folder of Device

ii. *.so, *.l and *.la to /usr/lib folder of Device

iii. The rest of Binaries to /usr/bin folder folder of Device

iv. Copy tpmd_dev.ko from milestone 5 to /lib/modules/<kernel_version>/kernel/drivers/char/tpm on device

b. Install the IPKs using the following command

$opkg install tpm-tools-

$opkg install trousers-0.3.4_0.1_armv4t.ipk

5. Milestone 10 contains ucon, the verifier module and the tpm’s pcr read utility, use the following method to make it operational on Mobile device

a. Copy UCON_Final.tar.bz2 and verification_jar.tar.bz2 and pcr_reader_java.zip to your home folder on device.

b. Extract them

c. To run ucon, change your directory to ucon_final and run the following command

$java -jar ucon.jar


It will execute and will take some time, it will produce two types of logs, the more detail xml log (meta/log/usage_log.xml) and the log containing hashes (/var/ucon_hashes)

d. Run the verifier, change the directory to verification and run the following command

$java -jar verifier.jar

It will execute and recalculate the hashes from the ucon_hashes file in /var/ and it will give u a final hash.

e. Now we have to compare this hash store in PCR 11 of the TPM, to see that, change your directory to pcr_reader_java and run the following command

$java -jar pcr_reader_java.jar

Read the value of PCR11 and compare it with hash produced by verifier, if they are the same means that the log isn’t tampered.

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