Waqar Afridi
October 8th, 2010 By Waqar Afridi

  • I have done my BCS from Islamia Collage (University of Peshawar) in 2004-2008 and Currently pursuing my MS in Trusted Computing from Institute of Management Sciences (IM|Sciences) Peshawar.
  • Now Working as Developer in Security Engineering Research Group (SERG) Institute of management Sciences (IM|Sciences) Peshawar.
  • During my Stay in SERG I have Worked on Openmoko Software Stack using Neo FreeRunner Device. The main Objects that I covered are:
  1. Customizing Linux Kernel to be Ported on Mobile Platform.
  2. Porting Mandatory Access Control (NSA’s SELinux) to Mobile Platform.
  3. Porting IBM’s Integrity Measurement Architecture (IMA) to Mobile Platform.
  4. Cross-Compiling Trusted Platform Module (TPM) Emulator for use on ARM Architecture
  5. Porting TCG Trusted Software Stack (Trousers) to Openmoko
  6. Porting TPM-Tools to Issue Commands to TPM-Emulator on Openmoko
  7. Enabling GPRS on Openmoko
  8. Modifying and Flashing Custom Rootfs of Openmoko to Neo FreeRunner Device
  9. Modifying and Repairing Neo FreeRunner’s u-Boot for Customs Parameters and Switches using                     Openmomo’s Debug Board
  10. Currently working on OpenERP module Development


  • Mostly Walking for Hours :) and Running
  • Playing with my Computer for learning New things
  • I Love flying, Love watching and reading about aviation


  • I  can be reached through my Email Address afridi.waqar@gmail.com

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