Shahryar’s Profile
October 8th, 2010 By Waqar Afridi

Engr Shahryar Khan

I have qualified BS and MS in Computer System Engineering. My job carrier started as Network engineer (trainee) from Peshawar University in 2009. Currently I am working with SERG under its project named EASIP holding a position of Research Associate. Have got expertise in networking as well as in research methodologies.

Job Description:
Designated as Reseach Associate under EASIP (ICT R&D funded)project, I am responsible for carrying out Research activities regarding the project deliverables. I am also responsible for network administration and its management in SERG lab. Being as an RA, I perform different research tasks, that include reading and understanding Research papers, preparing project deliverables and reports, participating in research discussions and meetings and collaborating with group, to meet the goals of the project.

Working diligently as a professional has almost vanished hobbies section from life. However, previous hobbies include playing cricket, and pc games. None these days.

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