An important aspect of Information technology is to reduce the geographical boundaries among various parts of the country. A person living in a very rural and far away region area of Pakistan, if provided reasonable IT infrastructure, will not travel to the capital and thus will reduce his/her time as well as FUEL. This way, not only fuel consumption will be reduced but also the pollution in Pakistan can be overcomed which is a major factor for having unpredicted weather conditions.

If compared with the weather condition 20 years ago, every body will notice that some thing has worsened the weather. A part from reducing the trees, another important factor is the unnecessary traveling of citizens among different cities for their various works such as “Thana Kachari”

An important question is that how to equip a very illiterate village with IT facilities. The answer is very simple and straight forward. Learn how other countries did. Once, even a very illiterate personĀ  in a far away village learns that in a KIOSK center, he can get the status of his/her law suiteĀ  — “Muqadima”, believe me he/she will never dare to cover long distance and thus reduce traveling.

How to realize it: Good question, I am sure it is not going to be implemented in NWFP in the first place any ways.

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July 23rd, 2009

Good idea. there can be so many fascilites which information technology can make possable to reach far areas. but brother……. it needs a lot n lot of infrastrucutre and a huge financial package specially for country like pakistan. So one can hope for the best in this regard. May be 1 day…………. :)

May 6th, 2011

We had organized green week in umt university lahore,
basicaly by growing more trees we can get control over pollution and it will also overcome globalwarming.
i will suggest to plant more trees and plants. it will be very benifical. Thank you
Hasnain Nisar
student of indus.engg
UMT univesity lahore.

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