A new research and development project by SERG has just been approved by the National ICT R&D Fund. Details about the project can be seen on the project page at http://serg.imsciences.edu.pk/projects/dbamp

If you are in any way interested in participating in this project, do let us know. You can leave a comment here or contact one of the members of SERG through email.

1 Responses to " Dynamic Behavioral Attestation for Mobile Platforms "
Khushal Khan
October 9th, 2008


Keeping in view that its a nearly related field to what i study at IMSCIENCES in the 6th Semester of BBA-IT, i would like to become a part of the program if i am worth it.
But i have a few questions, Is the project going to affect our studies in some way, because at IMS we have a tough schedule throughout the year except in vacations, so if attendances and studies are not affected i know a couple of other bright students in IT as well who would like to join the program.

Khushal Khan
BBA-IT 6th Semester

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