FOR Nauman..More Than RECLUZE!
July 4th, 2007 By clickforamin

aoa Nauman sahab..!

congrats on ur success… let me remind some thing that its u whose enjoying his third confrence paper…not me mine is yet to be published.. so kindly if u can tell me thst should we write the names of authors in our abstracts or not… and we simply mail them our drafts or wat…ooper ka wala aap ka mujhe samaj nahi aaya tha is liay hi dubara poocha tha..btw the post.

and as a matter of fact i wanted to know how did u submitted yours..the abstract.. can we humbly have a copy of it…if not copyright protected…

ur always loving…

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July 5th, 2007

Dear SEGang

We (me and amin) have sent our abstracts to icet2007 without names as they had mentioned for paper submission because there was nothing regarding abstract submission!

Tomorow morning i will be leaving for karachi and will be there for a bit more than a week. Don’t worry I’ll be studying most of the time. Recluze if we can get together on ur way back if u have the same old route than we can have some good evening together! Sami is also redy for his celeberation of job. Keep him waiting till I am back. I’ll be at clifton. U can reach me with email and this blog and my cell no. U can also reach me on 03005932139 my bro’s.

Take care.

July 8th, 2007

Oh! And I thought you were not picking up my phone. :O

Anyway, I’m back home and hence, we cannot come back home together. Give me a miss call /message when you get back. We need to get together and talk. When are you coming back, btw? 12th?

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