Request for Targets
May 16th, 2007 By shazkhan

I was thinking that who is working on what. Definitely I can read the blogs but its not easy to figure out the whole thing clearly. I have seen nothing from Mr. TAT at the moment (although I am aware he is on to shiboleth and something about ssl). Mr. MMA and recluze are working on formal verification of security protocols using Z, zeta, Holz and Isabelle but am not clear whats between them. What protocol are they targeting and what formal verification tool are they using precisely. How are they going to use Z because its for specifications and not verification!

Amin has a genuine problem. He was working on Trusted Computing which I and Mr. TAT are also working on as a secondary topic.

We also have Asghar Khan but he is nowhere to be found yet. I think he might join us in future.

What about those BSC students? Anybody any idea?

I am working on SELinux IPSec SSL IMA TPM Emulator for leveraging labeled MAC ditributed communication. This includes remote attestaion and labeled communication as well as exchange of labels.

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May 17th, 2007

Yes, I totally agree.

That’s why I’ve been saying since the beginning of time that we should write down our specialties. But would anyone listen!?

May 17th, 2007

Ohhhhh…… It seems you were just waiting for someone to say such a thing! Relax don’t forget we are Pakistanis. Be thankful to Allah S.W.T. that we are working and in an enviroment where such creative work is openly discouraged.

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